Director Stylist

With 15 years of experience, he passed the strict ASH Group stylist exam in Tokyo.  Shinya joined the company and had worked for the company at its HQ salon for 2 years before embarking his career in Singapore as an Outlet Manager since 2014. He is an all-rounder stylist but his forte lies in digital perm and rebonding. He is very popular & has been featured on TV & Magazine!



Director Stylist

Award-winning stylist Megu has 14 years of experience and is the first person to pass through the strict ASH Group exam in Tokyo. She has been teaching haircut and hair settings in Japan for 6 years before joining the Singapore branch since 2013. Her forte is feminine & cute hair style with a natural look. Her popularity has proven through her skills & her bookings are often full!



Director Stylist

A certified hairstylist with 15 years of experience and had worked for ASH Tokyo Motomachi brand for 5 years before embarking his career in Singapore since 2016. His forte is Step Bone Cut (small face haircut technique). Give it a try!



With 14 years of experience, she has worked in Singapore since 2013. Her forte is customising a hairstyle & hair settings for her customers after consulting carefully about their lifestyle so as to best fir them for easy maintenance. She is good with both men and female hairstyles. U can trust and leave it to her!



Director Stylist

With 11 years of experience as a hairstylist and 7 years of experience as makeup/hair artist for bridal shootings, she has styled many runaway models for fashion shows in Japan. She speaks fluent Tagalog language after spending 3 years of career in Bali Island and her English speaking language gives her additional advantage before embarking her career in Singapore since 2015!



With 13 years of experience, He skilfully use cuts and perms to create easily-manageable hairstyles for clients with thin, thick, or unruly hair.
His distinct characteristic is his suggestions for easy-to-manage hairstyles which match  customers’ lifestyles. If you wish to create a uniquely personalised you which belongs to no one else, I can help!
Together, let us discover a hairstyle perfect for you.




With 15 years of hair stylist experience. Concurrently during the 15 years, he had spend 10 years being a Cut Trainer Leader and Photography Trainer. Furthermore, he has participate in various contest and won. The most recent one is the Grand Prize at United Danks International last year!